First Blog Post

I am a game designer. That’s what I will say one day when I actually design a game. I do have game ideas, but ideas are not games. Lots of people have ideas. But my ideas are great! And I’m sure everyone says that too. I have an idea for a game that I would like to design. I guess I should specify I am a board game designer… or at least I will be.

So what’s the first thing you think of when you hear of an aspiring board game designer? Kickstarter right? Well, so do I. I have backed many Kickstarter projects. Not all board games, but mostly. But I have never run a Kickstarter campaign. So I went in search (Google search) of advice and how-tos and the wise words of Kickstarter veterans.

I am also a podcast junky. I listen to all sorts of podcasts. From board games and card games to geeky tech to news and literature… I could talk about podcasts for a long time, and maybe someday I’ll write about it. But on one of these podcasts I had heard about a game designer turned Kickstarter master and board game publisher Jamey Stegmaier.  I heard about Jamey’s legendary blog chocked full of just the kind of advice and wisdom I was looking for.

I won’t spoil Jamey’s blog (as if I could anyway) but one of these bits of advice I found was to start a blog long before you even have a game to write about. So, here I am writing my first blog post. I think in future blog posts I will write about my board game idea and the process of designing a game as I go along.


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